Xiaomi Mi Band 2 button problem

I have a Mi Band 2 device, a fitness monitor created by Xiaomi.

Unfortunately there are several consumers, including me, suffering with a problem with its capacitive button that is used to cycle between data like steps, calories, heart rate and so on. A simple Google search will return dozen of reports.

The first tap on the button shows the time, but if I tap it again to show steps, it does not work.

I have found the problem, but not a solution yet.
If you have any clue, you are welcome to share it in the comments.

For some reason, I don’t know if it is due hardware or software issue, each tap on the button behaves like a long press. After each tap the button remains ‘locked’ for about 6 seconds. After that time, it works again. But since the screen is turned off in 4 seconds, the next tap will just show the time again.

More precisely I have found that each tap behaves like a ‘long press’.
I could determinate the problem when I set an alarm with snooze mode enabled.
When the alarm goes off, you will see that a single tap is, in fact, a long press.

A common misunderstand is that the error is due a firmware update.
No, it isn’t.
I have used the Gadgetbridge to downgrade the firmware. I have tested several versions. None of them worked.

I have recored a short video to show exactly how it behaves:

It started to fail after an automatic firmware upgrade, around February 2017.

Since then, I have received other Mi Fit app updates, sometimes with new firmware, but the problem persists.
I have enabled “rotate wrist to switch info” as a temporary workaround.


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