How to solve a DHCP issue with Fedora

If you have problem with Fedora & DHCP maybe this post could be a “solution” for you.

The scenario: a network interface (Ethernet or Wireless, does not matter) keep trying to receive its configuration through DHCP with no success. The temporary workaround was to set the IP address, subnet mask and DNS statically, but it is not the ideal configuration.

There is a known bugs wiki page of Fedora 21 explaining why it happens, why it is not a Fedora fault and how to “solve” it.
A note about it: for me, this issue happens only with Fedora. I tested with other Linux distros (Mint, CentOS, openSUSE) and Windows 10 and it worked for all of them.
This issue was raised on Fedora 21. Today I am using Fedora 28 and it is still happening.

Here is the “solution” for the problem:

To work around the issue, create a file /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf with the contents:

send dhcp-client-identifier = hardware;

You can find more information about this issue in the following links:

Bugzilla #1154200
Fedora 21 Common bugs

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